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My Qualifications

"We should always strive to do the best we can, for ourselves and for others, while doing it correctly and learning every single day... "


What qualifies me to advise you?
I served as a technician in the field from 1998 through 2005 for one of the oldest and finest wind service companies in North America.

  • 1998-2003: Field technician, Supervisor, (CA) Kenetech 56-100kW 

  • 2003-4: Manage windfarm in Bennington VT, Zond/Enron 550kW 

  • 2004-5: Troubleshooting specialist 

  • 2005-2011 I worked in the Technical Services Department wearing several different hats: 

    • Quality Control Technician 

    • Field Engineer 

    • Supervise/Train all field QC inspectors 

    • Manage entire oil program [Completed ”Lubrication for machine Condition Monitoring” 

    • Manage the “Transformer Maintenance via Oil Sample analysis…” 

    • Attended the highly technical Hydrotex “Lubrication University” 

    • Oil Sample Analysis:

      • Review, analyze and trend oil sample results,

      • Recommend course of action,

      • Review, revise and develop procedures to keep the program current.

    • Condition Based Monitoring & Research:

      • I researched and tested several Condition Monitoring (CM) systems and coordinated their implementation, evaluating their ability to identify defects effectively.

  • Performed equipment inspections and provided reports for both O&M and Asset Management 

  • Developed, reviewed and revised various documents under the control of the QC/QA

  • 2011-2021 I continued in the Technical Services Department but graduated to "Performance and Reliability" group, with a focus on Prognostics

    • Provided technical support related to condition monitoring analysis, engineering solutions, reliability problems, including retrofits and repairs. 

  • Continued the management of:

    • Oil Analysis reports evaluations/recommendations [Gear, Hyd etc] 

    • Grease Analysis reports evaluation/recommendation [Main Bearings, gen Bearings, Blade Pitch bearings] 

    • Transformer oil analysis reports evaluation/recommendation

  • Completed Mobius CMS classes 1,2,3 for vibration analysis


  • SCE “Low Voltag Splicing” 1999 

  • Herguth Labs: Lubrication for machine Condition Monitoring 2007 

  • GearTech “Gear Failure Analysis” 2009 

  • Transformer Maintenance… 2009 

  • Hydrotex “Lubrication University 2011 

  • Enterprise Asset management (CMMS) 2012 

  • SmartSignal Training 2012 

  • STLE “Condition Monitoring…” 2012 

  • Mobius Class I, II, II 2014-2016 

  • Tableau Advanced Training 2016

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